Scam Bitcoin Sites

There’s a new scam is playing games with you. They’re scammers, and we know what they’re doing. They’re stealing your money, and they’re trying to destroy your trust in the digital world. So, ask them for help, and don’t let them hurt your money.

They're a scam

It's easy to fall victim to scam websites. When you want to buy a service or purchase an item online, your main concern is getting the best deal.

When it comes to scams, there's no such thing as too much information. Scammers are always trying to collect more and more details about their victims. To them, it’s all about making money. And they won’t stop until they have enough info on you and your finances. So be aware of what information scammers are asking for — especially your social security number!

What to do

if you’re a victim of scam. is the biggest scam site we know about. They steal millions of dollars from people every year. But, they cheat their victims just like any other scammer would do—they trick them into paying money for someone else’s product or service and then never deliver it to them.

To protect yourself from this kind of scam, here are some things to look out for:

1. Look for a company that goes by “Electrical Service Experts” or “Electrical Supply Centers” in your area, as well as in your area code. If you see anything like those words (e-commerce, installations, business services), it's likely a scammer looking to prey on your ignorance and deceive you into paying money they don't have in their accounts or phone book listings or whatever else you think this business might be using to dupe you into paying money.

2. If the company's website looks different than the one listed in their phone book, but calls themselves "electrical supply centers," it's probably a scammer pretending to sell something when all they really want is a customer list for their phone number so they can call.

The best way to protect your money.

Scammers like are everywhere, and they’re stealing your money. You've probably heard that scam emails can be sent to your personal account. But that's not true! Scammers are posing as trusted sources, like personal finance or insurance company representatives to trick you into losing money.

That’s not the best way to protect your money either. Instead, it is better to use a reputable source (like us) for your financial needs. By following their advice, you are trusting them with your money and letting them know what you need from them so that they can help you get it back.

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